and painted christmas ornaments

by artist suzi long


about the process


the process begins by pouring the finest clay into a plaster mold.  once the clay sets, the unfinished piece is carefully released and parting lines are removed.  the piece is then hand cleaned and prepared for painting.


the painting process begins by first sketching a design that conforms to the shape of the ornament.  detail and color are then added.  each design is an original painting.  no decals or other means of mechanical reproduction are ever used. 


after detail is checked and rechecked the ornament is personally signed.  it is then ready for final glazing and firing.  

        i hope you enjoyed learning a little more about the process each ornament goes through before  it is ready for final shipment to you. 

3625 pheasant lane   endwell, new york 13760
phone (607) 754-1580    fax (607) 786-5207    email: suzi@suzilong.net 


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