and painted christmas ornaments
                                                               by artist suzi long


about the artist

i was born and raised in wilkes barre, pennsylvania.  at an early age i fell in love with all things involving artistic creativity.  upon graduation from high school, i pursued my love of art at the new york phoenix school of design in new york city.  following my marriage, my husband and i settled in endwell, new york.  after the birth of our two daughters i continued my pursuit of art with many paintings inspired by my children.  in the early 1970's, i began sculpting one of a kind figurines.  this led to my work and love for the ceramic media.  it was during this time i created my first ornaments for our home.  they were an instant success with family and friends.  now, years later, my work extends to christmas shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, and specialty shops across the united states.

if you would like to learn more abut how an ornament is made click here


i hope you enjoy my ornaments as much
as i enjoyed making them.

happy holidays     

                                                              3625 pheasant lane   endwell, new york 13760 
                                             phone (607) 754-1580   fax (607) 786-5207   email: suzi@suzilong.net


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